NADH in gel form is effective for treating dental problems and problems with the oral mucosa In an observational study from a dental clinic in Duesseldorf/Germany with NADH in gel form, the following effects were observed:

  • Gingivitis heals faster
  • Gum bleeding stops faster
  • Herpes Simplex virus infections disappear after a few days
  • Healing time after dental surgery is shortened by half
  • Immune defense of the oral mucosa is strengthened
  • Angular cheilitis heals faster

NADH in gel form can also be applied as prevention before dental surgery. In gel form NADH is encapsulated in liposomes which, because of their size, can penetrate the cells of the oral mucosa and regenerate damaged tissue.

A scientific study with NADH in gel form by F.K. Mustafina (Moscow) found the following results:

The initially high density of the functioning capillaries decreased by 13% and by 25% in the marginal gums and by 16% in the area of the gingivobuccal fold. The diameter of the capillaries, too, decreased in all areas. The velocity of blood flow increased by 36% and reached standard

Reference: Mustafina, F.K., Mustafin T.K., Lasuk A.V. Computergestuetzte Kapillaroskopie der Haut – neues diagnostisches Verfahren in der aesthetischen Medizin; Kosmetik und aesthetische
Medizin 02, 2018.