It is not just cold weather that chaps your lips

Winter is here and temperatures are dropping. Runny noses, sore throats and chapped lips are quite common during this cold time of the year. But what can be done about it?

Professor George Birkmayer’s NADH all-in-one LIPCARE helps prevent, treat and nourish chapped lips. The daily use of NADH lip balm gives your lips a pleasant feeling and protects them from the cold and from sunlight at the same time so that they do not get chapped in the first place. This is the only lip balm that contains NADH. It has no taste or scent, and all of its ingredients are certified organically grown and are therefore natural and vegan. If you apply it to your lips and the skin below your nose regularly, it will also reduce wrinkles in this area. Many people suffer from itchy and sometimes painful, red blisters in the area around their lips. Regular use of NADH LIPCARE stops herpes blisters from developing. NADH is a pure substance that strengthens the immune system and repairs damaged DNA while increasing energy production in every cell. It therefore helps you resist bacteria and viruses, which are easily transmitted by direct contact.

You can also use NADH LIPCARE on babies and children without hesitation because it is a natural product. NADH occurs naturally in the body, but we produce too little of it when we are stressed, ill or older. Being exposed to too much cold or sunshine, such as when walking, tobogganing or skiing, and especially when the sun reflects brightly from the snow, can make lips sensitive, chapped and cracked. The body absorbs NADH directly through the skin of the lips, which promotes healing. NADH LIPCARE also provides relief if a runny nose is irritating the skin just beneath it by protecting the skin and letting it heal.

Everything considered, this small golden stick should be a constant companion in everyone’s handbag and backpack during the winter.