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What is NADH?2019-06-12T15:59:44-07:00

NADH is the abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride. In other words, NADH is the biological hydrogen. It reacts with the oxygen present in each cell and produces energy and water.

What is NADH made of?2019-06-12T15:59:44-07:00

NADH is derived from yeast containing very high levels of the oxidized form of NADH, namely NAD+. This NAD+ is then enzymatically converted to NADH. NADH is 99.9% pure and contains no trace of yeast.

Is NADH vegan?2019-06-12T15:59:44-07:00

Yes, NADH is vegan. It is a pure substance that contains no animal and animal-derived products.

How long does it take to feel an energy-boosting effect from NADH?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

The energy-boosting effect of our NADH RAPID ENERGY can already be detected after 15 minutes with several medical-technical devices (such as heart rate variability = HRV) and also on the ergometer (in fitness centers).

What is the difference between NADH RAPID ENERGY and NADH CONSTANT ENERGY?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

NADH RAPID ENERGY is a lozenge that is best placed under the tongue where it dissolves within 1-2 minutes. The energy-boosting effect of NADH RAPID ENERGY can be detected after 15 minutes with several medical-technical devices.

NADH CONSTANT ENERGY is a "swallowing tablet" to be taken with a glass of water on an empty stomach. The NADH in this tablet is then absorbed in the intestine. Therefore,
the onset of action can only be observed after 1-1½ hours. Both products contain 20 mg NADH per tablet.

Why do we recommend taking our NADH ARTHROS and NADH VISION for at least 3 months?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

NADH ARTHROS is intended for the development and regeneration of articular cartilage. Its regeneration takes several months based on conventional medicine experiences. NADH VISION is used to protect the eye, especially the macula. To recognize the protective effect of NADH VISION a preventive use over several months is necessary.

How many applications do I get out of NADH SKIN SERUM (10 ml) and NADH DENTAL GEL (10 ml)?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

Both products contain about 55 sprays. If you apply 3 sprays per day, then the 10 ml flacon is good for about 18 days.

Do our NADH products influence or interact with drugs?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

In more than 50 scientific studies no drug interactions have been observed so far.

Can you take NADH during pregnancy or breastfeeding?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

Yes, you can take NADH during pregnancy & lactation. A few years ago, The wives of 2 doctors took NADH from the beginning during their second pregnancy. Both women felt much better with NADH in their second pregnancy than in the first without NADH.

How should NADH products be stored?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

All our products should be stored in a cool, dry place. The only products that need refrigeration are the Skin Serum and NADH Dental Gel.

What is the shelf life of our NADH products?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

The shelf-life of our NADH products RAPID, CONSTANT, ARTHROS and VISION is 3 years from production date.

The SKIN SERUM and DENTAL GEL has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a refrigerator.

After opening both have a shelf-life of 6 month as printed on the flacon.

Can our NADH products still be used past their expiration date?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

Yes, our NADH products RAPID, CONSTANT, ARTHROS and VIS*ON can be used after the expiration date. You will find the expiration date of our products printed on every box/flacon. We had our products tested by a quality assurance lab and received confirmation that our NADH RAPID ENERGY meets the specs of 20 mg NADH per tablet even 3 years after the expiration date (obligatory are 2 years).

The same holds for our other NADH products ARTHROS CONSTANT and VISION. For our new product NADH KILOW produced in March 2019 we have no stability data yet. Longterm the content of NADH in the tablets declines because NADH is oxidized to NAD+ and further on to Nicotinamide (Niacin).

Can you explain why NADH can be used for so many different medical conditions?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

NADH is in laymen terms the biological hydrogen which reacts with oxygen present in every living cell to produce energy and water. This occurs in every living cells, tissues and organs. Hence NADH has an energizing effect in all organs.

Can I become a reseller of NADH products in the US?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

Yes. Please contact us info@birkmayer-usa.com and we will send you the conditions for

Do you charge sales taxes?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

We are legally obligated to charge sales tax if we ship to an address in California.

Are you shipping to Canada and Mexico?2019-06-12T15:59:45-07:00

Not at this time. Please contact office@nadh-austria.at. They will be able to assist you.

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