The summer is here, and with it increased sunlight, which many people like to sit out in and enjoy.

Sunburn results from excessive sun exposure. It is not only painful but also leads to premature ageing of the skin and sometimes to skin cancer.

As a study by Professor Mustafina (Moscow) (1) has shown, the problem of skin damage and premature skin ageing is based on disruption to the microcirculation of the capillaries (the smallest blood vessels in the body).

The capillary microscopy used in this investigation provides real-time information about the state of the microcirculation. This method allows these tiny vessels to be assessed in terms of their density, blood vessel diameter and the width of the effective zone (= perivascularity).

This technique showed that the reduced capillary blood flow and the consequent reduced supply of oxygen and energetic substrates into the skin, as well as the reduced removal of metabolic products, result in permanent skin damage.

NADH in its liposomal form can re-establish microcirculation, meaning the surrounding tissue can be supplied with energy again, thereby repairing the damaged cells. This heals skin inflammation and stops the skin from ageing. This is achieved solely through the liposomal formulation of NADH in liposomes. These are very small droplets that contain NADH and transport it to the skin. NADH develops its energising effect there in the cutis. Most cosmetics, on the other hand, only treat the skin’s surface. For many dermatologists, NADH in its liposomal form is an innovative preparation that delivers real anti-ageing.

NADH (= nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride), the biological hydrogen in our body, is in the liposomal form of a patented formulation developed by Prof. George Birkmayer, which contains only one carrier, i.e. lecithin in liposomes. With this, NADH can be transported through the skin and develop its effect there, e.g. in the event of sunburn. The DNA of the skin cells damaged by the sun’s rays (UV rays) is also repaired, thus preventing possible degeneration.

NADH in the liposomal form also prevents the formation of free radicals, while simultaneously strengthening the immune system and having a positive effect on age spots, wrinkles, acne and toxic dermatitis. Above all, it has a preventive effect when used as a sunscreen and for sun allergies.

This is described in more detail in Prof. George Birkmayer’s book, “NADH – der biologische Wasserstoff” (2)

1. Mustafina F.K., Mustafin T.K., Lasuk A.V., Computergestützte Kapillaroskopie der Haut – ein neues diagnostisches Verfahren in der ästhetischen Medizin, Kosmetik und ästhetische Medizin, 02/2018

2. Prof. George D. Birkmayer, Der biologische Wasserstoff das Geheimnis unserer Lebensenergie (Chapter 9)