NADH plus L-ARGININ, the perfect combination of 2 endogenous substances! Especially nowadays where the detoxification of our body becomes more and more important.

L-Arginin is an alkaline amino acid that occurs only in small quantities in our body. It occurs naturally in peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, soybeans, oats, cow’s milk, brown rice, chicken breast and pork. Certain medical conditions, however, require a higher amount of L-Arginin. The demand for L-Arginin also increases with age.

This combination product with L-Arginin opens up a new wide range of applications. For example, it improves blood circulation in athletes and the increased supply of nutrients thus achieved energizes muscle cells.

It helps with blood pressure problems and detoxification and supports a functioning immune system. Patients also reported improved sexual activity. In addition it can reduce arteriosclerosis.

A positive lasting effect can be observed after about eight weeks, if taken regularly.

A 2-year study with NADH plus L-Arginin performed by Prof. Alexandra Lazuk, MD, from Klinik Alm Medicine (Moscow) showed the following results:

Improvement in patients with

– glaucoma and macular degeneration
– myopia
– inflammation of the eye
– corneal ulcers
– night blindness
– memory impairment

Overall patients felt significantly better.

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